A whisky born from
the Scottish land

The ancient art of distilling Scotch whisky is rooted in the distant past and in age-old traditions; in rain-drenched barley processed with the purest water from Scottish streams, in the smoky peat of the Highlands and in old copper stills, which are jealously guarded and handed down from generation to generation.
In this land, abundant with malts, the story of Glen Forest was born.

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Glen Forest Ltd is an independent company specialised in Scotch whisky.

It is strategically located in Lanarkshire in Scotland, in the heart of the Scotch whisky region, with easy access to the major distillers, ageing facilities and specialised retailers.

Glen Forest Ltd ages, bottles and sells a range of premium Scotch whiskies under its own registered trademarks.

Glen forest blended

Glen Forest Blended is a Scotch whisky known for its clarity and authenticity. A unique blend of the finest malts produces a subtle, balanced flavour. The result is a whisky with a fruity aroma and mellow peaty flavour.

Alcohol 40%
Serving temperature 14-16°C
Best time to taste After dinner

Sizes available
Mignon 5 cl
Flask 20 cl - 35 cl
Bottle 50 cl - 70 cl - 100 cl - 150 cl

  • On the palate, the same sensations are identified as those perceived on the nose; it is fragrant, rich and persistent.

  • Yellow colour with bright gold hints.

  • On the nose, it has pronounced fruity notes of fresh pears and apples which, in the finish, give way to hints of caramelised sugar.

  • Glen forest
    single malt

    Even today Glen Forest Single Malt is carefully distilled in copper stills following traditional methods. This process, together with the malted barley fermentation process, gives rise to a Scotch whisky of incomparable taste and flavour.

    Alcohol 41%
    Serving temperature 16-18°C
    Best time to taste Relaxing, with friends

    Sizes available
    Bottle 70 cl

    • On the palate, it is mellow with a fruity aftertaste and a pleasing end note of vanilla.

    • Elegant and refined, intense golden colour.

    • On the nose, it has a full aroma of fresh fruit and essential oils of orange and lemon peel. Floral accents in the finish impart a subtlety to the overall impression.



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